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about Selfmade

Self Made is a platform that offers a nationwide recognition to emerging as well as established entrepreneurs and professionals of the country. "Self Made" is a unique idea for those entrepreneurs and professionals who have come across with their own innovation and efforts.

The show will be going to showcase the success stories of the self made entrepreneurs by covering their life struggle. The fascinating stories are well showcased on television screen by adding some jewels to them. In addition to this, Mr. Rohit Roy, celebrity host of the show has also captivating personality who has ability to portray stories of real life heroes on screen. He brings comfort ability among participants to speak out on every part of their struggling life.

Why to Participate?

Becoming the part of 'Self Made' is itself a great opportunity to share the success stories of self made entrepreneurs. It provides excellent branding to the individuals and adds a sense of credibility to the participant organization. The stories are depicted in way that establishes emotional touch with viewers.

Who can participate?

Individuals who have attained tremendous growth and success on their own in the industry within a short time span are eligible to participate in this show. One who has made extraordinary efforts to make a self made position in the market in any industry can take advantage of this unique concept.

The Showcase

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